When is the application deadline for MIBGP events?

The deadline for MIBGP events are usually at least 1 month prior to the commencement of the event. Do follow our social media on Instagram, Facebook page to get the latest updates as well!

How do I know if my registration payment and information have been received?

A confirmation letter will be sent out by the end of the registration period of to confirm your participation in the competition. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries! :)

How do I buy tickets to watch the MIBGP events?

You can purchase an admission pass via Online or you can even purchase passes on the spot! (Don’t miss our early bird promo!!!)

Is accommodation provided?

Unfortunately, accomodation if not provided. However, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you in finding a suitable accomodation nearby the event venue!

How do I submit my music & dance choice?

All choices of music & dance can be submitted only via the website portal after registration date has ended.
* Note: All Music should be in MP3 format and submitted at least ONE month before the competition commences. Additionally, all participants are to prepare a backup CD in MP3 format at all times.

Are the both the master classes compulsory?

Yes, the both Classical & Contemporary master classes are compulsory and will be evaluated. Thus, marks will be accumulated & accounted in the final score.

What type of costume should I wear?
  1. Primary 1, 2
    • ONLY allowed to perform in basic tutu or romantic tutu without embroidery/embellishment.
  2. Junior 1, 2, Senior and Ensemble are
    • Allowed to perform in costumes portraying the character of their respective repertoire as a sign of respect to the ballet they will be performing.
Can I participate in both solo and ensemble events during the competition??

Participants are not encouraged to participate in both the categories and therefore will only be allowed to participate in either the solo competition or ensemble.

Can I sign up under more than one coach for the competition?

Yes you can, but due to limited spaces for the observation session, your 2nd and 3rd coach will have to pay 50% of the observer fees per day.
* Note: Limited spaces! So make sure you let us know ASAP to make necessary arrangements.

Can I transfer my tickets to another holder during the course of the event?

No, Tickets are strictly not transferable to another holder on the same day of the event. Each ticket is only subjected to one individual. Those who are caught doing so will not be allowed into the auditorium unless he/she purchases their own admission ticket.

I did not advance to the final rounds; do I have to purchase admission tickets to watch the other on going events?

Those who did not proceed to the final round of the competition can observe the finals of the competition by purchasing admission tickets to watch any event they can watch!
* NOTE: ALL participants for MIBGP are automatically invited for the Gala Night without additional fees.

Am I allowed to watch the rest of the competition after I have finish competing on the same day?

We do not encourage participants of the day to leave the competitor waiting area. However, if you wish to observe the competition after competing on the same day, you can do so by purchasing tickets to watch the event.