Rules and Regulations


  • Date:  4 to 7 December 2019    (14 to 17 December 2019)
  • Entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Late entries shall not be entertained. Once the registration is full for a particular category, registration will automatically close. 
  • Closing date:  31 October 2019
  • Venue: Experimental Theatre, University Malaya (UM).

Competition Entry

  • Primary I: RM 350
  • Primary II & III: RM 400
  • Junior I, II & Senior: RM 450
  • All Inclusive of 1 compulsory Classical Ballet Master Class , goodie bag, Light meal , booklet , sponsored gift on 1st day of competition 

25-30 will be selected to final if entry number is extensive and the standard is met.


20 or less will be selected to final if standard required is reached . 

Final selected Competition Fee

Primary I  

  • RM 50( USD 12)
  • Master Class only

Primary II, Primary III, 

  • RM 150 (USD 36)
  • Variation coaching
  • Masterclass

Junior I, Junior II & Senior

  • RM 250 (USD 60)
  • Variation coaching
  • Contemporary masterclass coaching 
  • Classcal Master Class


Category I:A Classical Corp de ballet (Age 6-12 years old - soft shoes)

Category l:B Neo classical  ( Age 6-12 years old-Soft shoes of barefoot)

Category II:A  Classical Corp de Ballet (Age 13-25 -En Pointe)

Category ll:B Neo Classical (Age 13-25-soft shoes/bare foot)

  • 2 – 10 person in a group
  • RM 150 (USD 35) per dancer
  • Participants can sign up for ballet open masterclass with a fee of RM 50 
  • Inclusive of light meal on competition day, goodie bag, master classes is NOT inclusive of.

* Participants from individual events are eligible to compete in the Ensemble Category.


The Competition is divided into 2-4 stages ( Class evaluation ,Preliminary, Eliminations & Final) throughout the 4 days depending on numbers of participants. There will be a prize and award presentation ceremony &  performances on the evening of the last day of competition.


Primary I ,II, III,Junior I, II & Senior

  • Participants will be evaluated during the compulsory Classical master classes 


Primary I

  • Candidates are to choose & perform ONE choreographed classical variation from MIBGP list for Primary 1(age 7-9) or  from the repertoire list for Primary II & III (age 9-12).
  • ALL candidates of this category shall perform wearing SOFT SHOES only
    **Primary l, are to wear plain coloured tutu or classical tutu only. No stones or sequins allowed. suitable head peice/crown is allowed (do not elaborate head peice too much)

Primary II, Primary III

  • Candidates are to choose & perform ONE classical variation from respective Classical Repertoire List prepared.
  • ALL female candidates from Primary II & III shall perform classical repertoire with soft shoe (Shoes must be fitting . Do not wear shoes that wrinkle ). No pointe shoes.
  • Primary II and III will wear choice of stage tutu according to repertoire dance(advice: do not over decorate the costume)
  • Finalist selected candidates will attend a compulsory Solo Classical Coaching by a member of the jury , Master class for classical evaluation with an additional fee of RM150 per contestant.

Junior I, II & Senior

  • Candidates are to choose & perform ONE classical variation from respective Classical Repertoire List prepared.
  • All participants are to dance on pointe and use right choice of costume according to their Repertoire interpretation (tailoring ,choice of colour etc are accounted in marking).
  • Finalist selected will attend a compulsory Solo Classical Coaching by a member of the jury , Masterclass coaching for contemporary  by the choreographers and a classical masterclass evaluation by jury with an additional fee of RM250 per contestant.


Primary I, II & III

ALL finalists shall perform the SAME respective classical variations from the list prepared by the MIBGP Choreographers or repertoire list. 

Junior I, II & Senior

  • ALL finalists shall perform the SAME respective classical repertoire.
  • ALL finalists shall choose & perform ONE contemporary solo from the list prepared by the Choreographers.


  • Category I: A - ONE classical Corp de Ballet Piece
  • Category l: B - Neo-classical piece of their own choice with soft shoes or bare foot
  • Category II: A - ONE classical Corp de Ballet Piece en pointe
  • Category ll: B - Neo-classical piece of their own choice with soft shoes or bare foot

Appreciation evening

  • Prize Ceremony & Performance.



Age is determined by the starting of 1st January of each year.

  • Primary I: 7 – *9 years old (2010 – 2012)
  • Primary II: *9 – 10 years old (2009 – 2010)
  • Primary III: 11-12 years old ( 2007-2008 )
  • Junior I: 13 – 14 years old (2005 – 2006)
  • Junior II: 15 – 17 years old (2003 – 2004)
  • Senior : 18 and above (2001 & above)

* Only 9 years are allow to choose to dance in primary l or ll. 

We are still looking very importantly into foundation for Primary l and no classical repretoire from ballet will be allowed in Primary 1.


Category I: 6-12 years old (2013-2007)
Category II: 12 years old & above (2004 & above)

Past Winners

Past winners of an event shall not be allowed to compete in the same category but are allowed to compete in the category which is ONE level above the previously won event.

Company/Professional dancers

This competition is open to pre-professional students ONLY , NO company dancers allowed.


MIBGP rules allow for:

  • Primary I ,II & III participants’ teachers are allow to make improvisations only in the arm positions and leg lines to the original choreography to accommodate the participant’s specific abilities and technical level.  Teachers are allow to simply steps or challenge the work with beats or higer lifts . No new choreography out of original interpretations allow.
  • Junior I, II & Senior participants’ teachers to make slight improvisation to the original classical choreography to accommodate to the participant’s specific technical level.
    *** Please note that the level of difficulty displayed by the participant will be taken into account in the judging criteria.
  • Contemporary pieces shall be strictly adhered to without/NO improvisation . Only the original choreographers are allow to change and it will be notify during the Contemporary Masterclass day.


  • We will be sending 2 different tempo of your selected repretoire  music to you but you must email to us your choice of tempo.
  • Participants must notify the sound technician or MIBGP backstage manager of any irregularities in the music (pauses, sudden volume changes, etc.).
  • Please note that each contestant (Junior I, Junior II, Senior) & ensemble group is subjected to ONE back up thumb drive.
  • Duration of music Junior I, II, Senior,Ensemble category: Music shall not exceed 3:30 minutes. **No claps and audiences cheering is accepted as music for competition.


Primary I

Participants of this category will only be allowed to perform in basic tutu or romantic tutu without any embroidery/embellishments. No stones or ribbons allowed on costume.

Primary II, Primary III ,Junior I, II, Senior & Ensemble

Participants are allowed to perform in costumes portraying the character of the repertoire in respect to the ballet. Correct colour and tailored tutu are advice or else judges will deduct marks for wrong choice

Prizes & Awards

Prize Primary I & II Primary III Junior I Junior II Senior Ensemble
1st 300 500 800 1000 1200 1000
2nd 150 250 400 500 600 500
3rd 100 125 200 250 300 300
  • Male & Female participants for the Individual Event will be judged separately in the same category except for Ensemble Category.
  • Scholarships will be awarded for all categories depending on criteria matching donors’ requirements. 


  • Only 50% from the registration fees will be refunded along with a physician's certificate or letter due to injury. All other reasons will not be entertained. 

Judging Criteria

Primary I, II, III

  • Participants will be judged fully based on their Classical Repertoire.  

Junior I, II, Senior & Senior Open

  • Participants will be judged based on both Classical Repertoire & Contemporary pieces. The total score would be accumulated from 80% Classical Repertoire & 20% Contemporary.
  • Should there be any tie in placing; the scores tabulated from the compulsory master classes would determine the emerging winner.


  • Participants will be judged based on their creativity, technique & quality of performance.

Videography & Photography

  • PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED during the commencement of the event.
  • MIBGP reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of the participants during the event for promotional purposes.


Master classes

  • Observer passes for masterclass can be purchase with a minimal donation or RM 50. 
  • Coaches must register one month prior to the event.(When coaches are not available , one parent is allow to represent). Please note that registration will not secure you a place.  Only those who paid will be granted the entry .
  • *Priority will be given to coaches who have sent in participants for MIBGP.
  • Coaches are to fill up a registration as observer in the master classes. Payment is entertain on the spot for first come first serve basis. 
  • *Limited spaces available.

Competition & Showcase

  • All dance enthusiasts are welcomed to observe the competition with a donation for entrance.

*Please note that ticket touting is STRICTLY PROHIBITED & those caught doing so shall be faced with legal actions.  



  • MIBGP has the right to make any necessary amendments regarding the event if any unforeseen circumstances arise.
  • MIBGP has the right to reject any application if status is found unclear.
  • The adjudication panel reserves the right to award the scholarships, prizes, and to divide any awards between the participants.
  • Results of the competition are final and based solely on the final decision made by the adjudication panel.  
  • MIBGP will not be responsible or liable for any injuries, loss or damages faced during the event. However, First Aid Kit will be available throughout the event.
  • Smoking in the premises of the Competition is strictly prohibited.
  • Light meal will be provided for the participants during lunch hour for the full day event only. 
  • Food & Drinks are strictly not allowed in the Auditorium at all time.

Important note

Please ensure that you have thoroughly read and abide to all of the above rules and regulations to avoid any point deduction or disqualification.